Point-to-point fast transmission system

In order to avoid the possible risks of manual sample delivery, ensure the timeliness, accuracy and safety of the test samples, design and install this set of point-to-point pneumatic pipeline transmission (sample delivery) system to realize the automation and standardization of the test sample transfer process and improve Work efficiency, reduce labor costs, fast transmission speed and no faults .

Working principle and technical characteristics

1, the system works:

     Compressed air is used to transmit various samples through a closed transmission pipeline. The working process first puts the transport bottle containing the sample into the transceiver station, presses the send button, and the main control system activates the aerodynamic device to the closed transmission pipeline. Providing aerodynamics, the transport bottle carrying the sample will be transported to the other transceiver station at a speed of 3-9 meters per second to complete a sample delivery work. The point-to-point fast sample delivery system is a single-tube two-way system. Empty bottles or transport bottles containing report sheets are returned to the other end station.

2, technical characteristics:

     Designed for the high requirements of the laboratory and operating room environment, the transceiver station has an independent exhaust system, which will not cause air pollution to the indoor environment.

2.1 , the system structure is simple, maintenance-free: the workstation has no motor, no rotating structure, the system is stable and reliable;

2.2 . Patented receiving damping technology: Each transceiver station is equipped with an air damping reduction device to make the receiving more stable;

2.3 , one-button transmission operation design, the transmission operation is more simple and easy to learn;

2.4 . When the transmission sample arrives at the transceiver station, it has an audible and visual alarm prompt function;

2.5 , the transmission bottle adopts screw cap design with liquid leakage prevention function, and is equipped with special filler to make the sample transfer process safer and more reliable;

2.6 . Each transceiver station is equipped with a detection sensor and a transmission bottle, which can prevent other items from directly transmitting and ensure the safety of the transmitted items;

2.7 . The main control system can automatically record the transmission data of the system, analyze and diagnose the operation data, and connect to the company's technical center through the internet to provide technical support quickly and efficiently.

The system mainly consists of: aerodynamic device, transmission pipeline, transceiver workstation, main control system, transmission bottle and the like.


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