The three major tourist destinations that must go after 80

[May Point Network] In the New Year, I received an e-mail from a good friend. The title was "After the Eighty-Years." Only then did we realize that we are the aura of "new new human beings" and the "little emperor"...

[May Point Network] In the New Year, I received an e-mail from a good friend. The title was "After the Eighty-Years." Only then did we realize that our generation of people who grew up with the aura of "new and new human beings" and the label of "Little Emperor" is already the pillar of the country. After 80 years, it will assume multiple responsibilities for the family, society and the state. Some people say that travel is the best "adult ceremony." Young people who step into the age of the same year also need a trip to say goodbye to the years that have been unrestrained or bloody, and to establish a new starting point and a new direction for themselves. In the transformation of the times, a mature and outstanding person must have responsibility, romantic feelings and full of vitality, and all three temperaments can be sublimated in the journey.



Location: Qufu

Feeling: Responsibility

Going to Qufu is a pilgrimage to those who walk into the age of standing. Many people are at the stage of having a certain social experience and worrying about the complexity of society when they are 30 years old. Looking at the story of Confucius in Qufu, it may be possible to understand how he found a foothold in a chaotic society and how to stick to his responsibilities and ideals in a world of change. I can also find my sense of responsibility towards the nation and the times. The core of Qufu is the "three holes" - Confucius Temple, Confucius and Konglin.

The Confucius Temple has a total of nine courtyards, which were gradually expanded over the dynasties. The celestial cypress that can be seen everywhere in the Confucius Temple has a deep and solemn atmosphere. And a piece of inscription called "the word monument" makes people feel complicated. During the "Cultural Revolution" period, many millennium treasures were destroyed, including many stone monuments. And this monument does not know who was engraved with a "left" word, and it survived.

Confucius is not far from the Confucius Temple. It is the residence of the "Yan Sheng Gong" in the past. Its scale is large and the architecture is exquisite. It is second only to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It also proves the unique position of the Kong family in Chinese history. There is a "five cypresses" spectacle in the back garden, which is said to symbolize the close unity of the children of Confucius.

Out of Confucius, you can take a tricycle to Konglin. This is the cemetery of Confucius and his descendants. It is said to be the oldest family cemetery in the world. Konglin is very large and needs to be visited by a tour bus. There are graves in the descendants of Kong, such as Kong Shangren, and the cemetery of Confucius and his children and grandchildren is the core of the entire Konglin. Guo Moruo once commented, "This is a very good natural museum and a chronicle of the Kong family."


"Three holes" coupon ticket price of 150 yuan / person, Confucius Temple fare 90 yuan / person, Confucius fare 60 yuan / person, Kong Lin fare 50 yuan / person. The tour bus in Konglin is 10 yuan/person for one-way trip and 20 yuan/person for round-trip.

The "three holes" historical background is heavy, it is recommended that the tour guide accompany the tour, the price can be negotiated, generally 80 yuan ~ 90 yuan. When there are many tourists, you can also "squat" the tour guide.

Qufu has convenient transportation and is two and a half hours drive to Jinan.

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