The beginning of Xinjiang tourism industry

[] On March 24th, the heads of the five scenic spots of Kanas, Tianshan Tianchi, Grape Valley, Nalati and Sailimu Lake, which are well-known in the region and abroad, gathered in Urumqi to show the spring to the community...

[May Point Network] On March 24th, the heads of the five scenic spots of Kanas, Tianshan Tianchi, Grape Valley, Nalati and Sailimu Lake, which are well-known in the region and abroad, gathered in Urumqi to show the new scenic spots in the spring to all walks of life. Meteorology, initiative to create a tourism atmosphere of integrity and harmonious development.

At present, there are three groups of people in Xinjiang that have launched large-scale promotion and publicity in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the developed areas in the central part of China. The Xinjiang Spring Tourism Promotion Team led by the leaders of the autonomous region will also go to the Jingjintang area. Linked outside the district to promote the tourism market in Xinjiang and work together to build a large tourism brand in Xinjiang.

The reporter was informed that the grape ditch scenic spot has deepened the local cultural connotation this year, added tourists to participate in the amusement project, opened the scenic spot car and built a handicraft street. Today, Turpan also announced that with the Turpan Jiaohe Airport, which will start in May, it encourages charter flights to land at Jiaohe Airport and conduct excursions, and will provide travel charter visitors with discounts for the end of the year. Tianchi Scenic Area plans to invest 384 million yuan in 2010 to implement ecological protection and other construction projects. Sailimu Lake plans to build a comprehensive service reception base covering an area of ​​5 square kilometers in the periphery of the three East Scenic Areas. Yili will open the “Tianma Festival” in the Nalati Scenic Area this year. The Nalati Scenic Area has implemented a 120-kilometer six-line four-ring tourist and sightseeing ring line. Some of the lines have been completed, and other sections are expected to be put into use in September. Kanas and Hong Kong cooperated to create a large-scale tourism and sports event this summer - the first Kanas International Equestrian Rally.

The promotion from outside the region was attended by various cities and cities in Xinjiang, as well as important scenic spots and tourism enterprises. It held a series of publicity and promotion in 16 large and medium-sized cities in more than 10 provinces to warm up the domestic tourist source market. Xinjiang Tourism Promotion and Promotion Month was held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Strive to achieve the goal of domestic tourists charter flights and travel to Xinjiang. Through the various forms of tourism market promotion activities, the image of Xinjiang tourism destinations is pushed to the whole country around the theme of “Xinjiang is a good place”. (Xinjiang Daily)

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