2010 Boao International Tourism Forum passed the "Hainan Tourism Declaration"

[Maidian.com] On the afternoon of March 20th, Shao Qiwei, director of the National Tourism Administration, hosted the 2010 Boao International Tourism Forum Hainan Tourism Declaration Roundtable in Sanya. Inviting foreign ministers of tourism, international...

[Maidian.com] On the afternoon of March 20th, Shao Qiwei, director of the National Tourism Administration, hosted the 2010 Boao International Tourism Forum Hainan Tourism Declaration Roundtable in Sanya. After soliciting the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of the tourism ministers and the heads of international tourism organizations, the Hainan Tourism Declaration was unanimously adopted. Zhu Shanzhong, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, and the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department and Vice Governor Tan Li attended the round table.

At the round table, Shao Qiwei first briefly introduced the drafting background and formation process of the Hainan Tourism Declaration. He said that the drafting and publication of the "Declaration" is based on three considerations. First, tourism is one of the main drivers of economic development in various countries and regions of the world, and has played a positive role in mitigating the negative impact of the international financial crisis. In the post-financial crisis period, accelerating the development of tourism plays an important role in promoting the global economic recovery, promoting economic, social and cultural progress, and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature. Governments and enterprises should work together to tap the huge potential of tourism and make it a continuous driving force for economic and social development. Second, tourism is one of the most resilient industries. The tourism industry has a high degree of correlation with the relevant industries of the national economy and is highly absorbing. It can quickly catalyze new demands, new markets, new products, new technologies and new services, and spawn a number of new viable formats. Vigorously promote the integration and development of tourism and national economy-related industries, conscientiously study and determine the intersection and integration point of tourism and related industries, promote industrial integration with the rapid development of tourism, and promote the development of modern service industry, thus making tourism It is our unshirkable duty to make greater contributions to environmental protection, social progress and cultural development. Third, tourism is a sensitive industry that is vulnerable to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, economic crises, political turmoil and other emergencies. We should strengthen communication and promote close cooperation between regional tourism enterprises to achieve a harmonious and win-win situation and common development.

At the round table, the Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifa, said that the launch of the "Declaration" is a correct choice at the right time and place and is of great significance. China's "Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating Tourism Development" is an important measure for the Chinese government to support and promote the development of tourism. He expressed his appreciation for this and hoped that other countries could also issue similar opinions to support the development of tourism.

Jean Claude Baumgarten, President of the World Tourism Council, also expressed support for the Declaration. He said that at present, the global tourism industry has been affected by the financial crisis, the tourism market has been affected, and the government and enterprises want to get rid of it. The Hainan Tourism Declaration is in great need. The Declaration will lead us in the right direction, indicating the willingness of the tourism industry to continue to grow and develop.

Greg Dafir, CEO of the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association, said that in the context of economic globalization, the Declaration has a cutting-edge significance, and he supports this.

In addition, the Minister of Tourism of Laos, Song Peng Mengkunweilai, the Director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Russian Federal Tourism Administration, Kloofchin, the Chief Commercial Consul of the US Consulate General in Shanghai, Gao Dawei, and the guests from Hawaii, Australia, Thailand and other countries in the United States also He spoke and expressed his appreciation for the Hainan Tourism Declaration and fully affirmed the positive significance of the Declaration on the development of the world tourism industry. The participants unanimously applauded the Hainan Tourism Declaration.

After the adoption of the "Declaration", Tan Li said that Hainan Province is willing to strengthen tourism exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions with the utmost sincerity, and will provide good conditions for meeting and quality services for the long-term success of the forum. (National Tourism Administration Information Center)

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