Expo Shanghai and Shanghai airports will receive 3,000 business jets

[May Point Network] During the World Expo, more than 3,000 business jets will arrive in Shanghai, which will cause business jet manufacturers to look to Shanghai. Yesterday (6th), Airbus and Embraer did not agree...

[May Point Network] During the World Expo, more than 3,000 business jets will arrive in Shanghai, which will cause business jet manufacturers to look to Shanghai. Yesterday (6th), Airbus and Embraer placed the battlefield in Shanghai and selected their business jets on the same day.

The current situation:

3 daily takeoffs and landings

At present, the two airports in Shanghai have an average of three business jets taking off and landing every day, about 100 flights per month. During the Expo, there will be more than 3,000 business jets arriving in Shanghai, greatly exceeding the Beijing Olympics.

It is understood that at present, there are more than 50 business jets in China, and the number of business jets in the United States exceeds 10,000. Airbus has 20 business jet orders in Greater China, accounting for 80% of its total Asian orders. Lei Yi, chief operating officer of Airbus's customer affairs, said that China's business jets have just started and the market potential is huge. "In a short period of time, China's growth rate will surpass the traditional market of business jets - the Middle East, becoming the world's most growing Fast area."

In response to the needs of the Chinese business jet market, Airbus has launched the A318 Elite, A320 VIP business jets and the A380 business jet. "The A318 Elite and A320 VIPs are the latest high-end products in the business jet market. The cabin width is The traditional business jet is twice as large. The A380 business jet is equipped with more than 100 seats, including gyms, bars, large conference rooms, deluxe bedrooms, bathrooms, etc."

Embraer has focused on the ultra-medium business jet Legacy 600, whose main vocabulary is an economical and convenient maintenance system. Guan Dongyuan, president of Embraer Greater China, said that the Legacy 600 is at least a hundred dollars less than the usual competitive models in terms of operating costs, including fuel and maintenance. “The size of the Legacy 600 cabin is 43% more than that of the same level business jet, and the bathroom volume is 50% more, which is extremely cost-effective.” Guan Dongyuan said that the support team and spare parts consignment center in Beijing can also Always ready to provide the "Airline" level of protection for the Legacy 600.

Application route:

4 hours ahead of schedule

However, buying a business jet is expensive. Airbus said that an A318 elite is priced at about $65 million, and the A319 is priced at about $80 million. The Airbus A380 owned by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed costs up to $150 million, and the cost of the aircraft itself is worth $450 million.

It is understood that the current development of private business jets in China is getting faster and faster. Zhao Hui, assistant to the president of Jinlu Business Jet Co., which accounts for 84% of the Chinese business jets, said that before 2000, more than 60% of customers using business jets were Multinational companies, “Now more than 80% of the company's business comes from the domestic market. In the customer classification, 40% is a large customer, 60% is a FIT and first-aid business.” Zhao Hui said that since 1995, Jinlu business jet It has 23 business jets. At the end of this year, it is conservatively estimated that it can break through 35 business jets.

In terms of route application, it is understood that in the United States, business jets are required to apply for flights only 2 hours before departure, but in China, it is generally necessary to apply for routes to the Civil Aviation Administration three days in advance. "It is impossible to follow the flight and become one of the factors restricting the development of China's business jets." Guan Dongyuan said.

In this regard, Zhao Hui revealed that at present, the restrictive factors for route approval have been greatly reduced. “For business jets with fixed routes, applications are usually made 3 working days in advance, but in temporary routes, the routes can be applied 24 hours in advance in an emergency. In the fastest case, you can apply for the route 4 hours in advance." (News Morning News)

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