Jiangsu tourism industry "striking horses" to welcome the World Expo

[May Point Network] The Shanghai World Expo held from May 1 to October 31 is expected to attract 70 million visitors from home and abroad, and this will bring in more than 90 billion yuan in tourism revenue. Industry analysts table...

[May Point Network] The Shanghai World Expo held from May 1 to October 31 is expected to attract 70 million visitors from home and abroad, and this will bring in more than 90 billion yuan in tourism revenue. Industry analysts said that the huge passenger flow of the Expo will bring direct economic benefits to Jiangsu scenic spots, restaurants and transportation, and it is expected to make the inbound tourism market a new growth point for Jiangsu tourism in the future. So, is Jiangsu ready for such a huge business opportunity?

Yesterday, Yuan Ding, deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, said in an interview that according to the official conservative forecast of the Expo, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Jiangsu during the entire World Expo accounted for about one-third of the total number of visitors to the Expo, that is, more than 20 million. According to the average of six months, the number of tourists entering the province is about 100,000 times a day. In this regard, Jiangsu tourism management departments at all levels have begun to prepare for the reception plan two or three years ago for the continuous tourism boom that will occur during the World Expo. Among them, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nantong, which are close to Shanghai, have cooperated with the Shanghai World Expo Bureau and the Tourism Bureau to conduct in-depth research and have prepared corresponding plans.

According to relevant surveys, during the World Expo, the usual accommodation gap in Shanghai was around 60,000 beds per day, and the extreme peak day gap reached 400,000 beds. The contradiction of bed shortage will be solved by relying on the city accommodation resources around Shanghai. In this regard, Yuan Ding said that during the World Expo, the Jiangsu tourism industry will do its utmost to receive good visitors to the Expo. The total social accommodation facilities in Jiangsu Province have reached nearly one million beds, of which more than 900 tourist star hotels have 100,000 rooms and nearly 200,000 beds. “Plus 80% of budget hotels, social hotels and guest houses, as well as some tourists who are friends, so the pressure of tourists’ accommodation may only be in a short period of time, mainly in Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing. The city has emerged. However, because the transportation between cities in our province is very convenient, it will not be a problem to resolve this contradiction." Yuan Ding said.

The reporter learned that the province has 366 state-level tourist attractions, including 9 national 5A-level scenic spots, including 101 national tourism attractions, not only the number one in the country, but also has a large scale effect. Last year, only 92 major tourist attractions received 175 million visitors. Yuan Ding told reporters that the main scenic spots in all parts of the province have already formulated plans based on their own characteristics to ensure that the reception pressure caused by too many tourists will be alleviated in some time periods.

For the Jiangsu tourism industry, the World Expo is a huge business opportunity, and it is a rare opportunity to upgrade. Confidence will welcome 40 million visitors to Suzhou Expo, ambitious, invest 30.7 billion yuan to promote the construction of 96 tourism projects, comprehensively improve the tourism function package, improve service levels, and want to be the biggest winner of the Expo tourism destination. Nantong, which has unique resources of rivers and seas, invests 5 billion yuan to accelerate the creation of the two most important gold tourism belts of Jiangfeng Haiyun to attract the attention of Expo visitors. According to incomplete statistics, the investment in tourism facilities connecting the Expo to the Expo has exceeded 50 billion yuan.

In order to seize the huge business opportunities of the World Expo, the tourism industry of our province has also elaborated the promotion plan for the World Expo, carried out the “Expo” tourism marketing work in an orderly manner, and launched 55 boutique lines and 44 “Expo theme experiences” for the “World Expo”. "Journey" demonstration point. Among them, Nanjing's "two-day tour of the Republic of China" and Nantong's "longevity exploration" were promoted to the Shanghai World Expo. The new tourism routes launched by Jiangsu for the World Expo include traditional East China tourism products and new tourism routes in northern Jiangsu, and formed Shanghai-Coastal Cities-wetland ecotourism and other special routes.

It is also an important task for the tourism industry in our province to let the Jiangsu residents successfully visit the World Expo. Jiangsu Overseas (Nanjing International Travel Service), Wuxi China Travel Service, Jiangsu Haotian Overseas and other travel agencies, as the Shanghai World Expo Bureau designated World Expo tour travel agency, has reached an agreement with thousands of travel agencies in the province to jointly organize Jiangsu residents to visit the World Expo. At the same time, training programs to improve the quality of employees and improve service levels are also being carried out in all parts of Jiangsu. According to reports, as of now, the province's travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, attractions, staff have all passed the Expo knowledge and service skills training. Jiangsu tourism is ready to connect with the world during the Expo. (Jiangsu Economic News)

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