2011·China's most beautiful rapeseed Haihanzhong Tourism Culture Festival grand opening

徜徉Golden flower sea, meet the charm of Hanzhong! 2011· China's most beautiful rapeseed Haihanzhong Tourism Culture Festival grand opening!


徜徉Golden flower sea, meet the charm of Hanzhong! 2011· China's most beautiful rapeseed Haihanzhong Tourism Culture Festival grand opening!

On the morning of March 24th, the scenic spot of Zhuyu Pear Garden in Yangxian County was paved with a golden show, and the earth was flowing with gold. Sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, Hanzhong City Cultural Relics and Tourism Bureau, CPC Yangxian County Committee, Yangxian County People's Government, the theme of “Golden Flower Sea, Charm Hanzhong” 2011 China's most beautiful rapeseed flower Haihanzhong Tourism Culture Festival in the main venue Yangxian The Zhuyu Liyuan Scenic Area was grandly opened. More than 1,000 people including provincial and municipal leaders, tourism merchants inside and outside the province, leaders at all levels related to the tourism industry, and provincial and municipal media reporters attended the opening ceremony. A series of wonderful performances in the main venue of Yangxian County will bring the festive atmosphere to a climax!

The theme of the event is "Golden Flower Sea, Charm Hanzhong", which includes thousands of people driving "tour flowers", red songs "singing flowers, national famous photographers "photo flower sea", pear flower poetry and The calligraphy exhibition “Zanhuahai”, investment negotiation, local special product “Pushing Flower Sea” and other activities are a comprehensive festival that integrates flower sea sightseeing, rural leisure, scenic spot tour, folk performance and investment negotiation.

It is understood that after the opening ceremony, there will be a good time for the Hanzhong Spring Tour to enjoy the flowers. During the most beautiful rapeseed Haihanzhong Tourism Culture Festival in China, a series of Huahai tourism boutique routes were launched for Xi'an tourists. Among the four routes, Guhan The main attractions such as Tai, Shimen, Nanhu and Wuhou Tombs are all on the tour. Visitors from Shaanxi Province and its surrounding areas can enjoy the beauty of Hanzhong.

Recommended boutique route:

Route 1: Xi'an direction tourist route. Depart from Xi'an along Xihan Expressway → Cailun Tomb → Cauliflower Festival Main Venue → Orange Garden → Nansha Lake → Peony Garden → Shimen → Wuhou Temple → Wuhou Tomb → Nanhu → Hongsi Lake → Cherry Ditch → Wuzi Mountain → Ten Days Expressway →Xi'an.

Route 2: Lanzhou direction tourist route. Lanzhou→Baoji→Lei Dam→Zibaishan→Zhangliang Temple→Shimen→Wuhou Tomb→Wuhou Temple→Nanhu→Yang County Main Venue→Cai Lun Tomb→Zhang Yu Tomb→Hanzhong City→Peony Garden→Back to Lanzhou.

Route 3: Chengdu direction tourist route. Chengdu→Qingmuchuan→Wuhou Tomb→Wuhou Temple→Nanhu→Main Venue→Cai Lun Tomb→Zhang Yu Tomb→Hanzhong City→Shimen→Peony Garden→Back to Chengdu

Route 4: Wuhan direction tourist route. Wuhan → Ten Days Expressway (to Ankang) → Wuzi Mountain → Cherry Ditch → Main Venue → Cai Lun Tomb → Zhangye Tomb → Nansha Lake → Nanhu → Wuhou Tomb → Wuhou Temple → Shimen → Peony Garden → Urban District → Wuhan. Hanzhong tourism large-scale ecological tour self-driving tour recommended, while photographers can also come to each main venue to shoot precious beautiful flowers and sea landscape.

Huayang Scenic Area Tourist Route: From Hanzhong City → Longting → Huayang Ancient Town; Liping National Forest Park Tour Route: From Hanzhong City → Nanzheng → Liping National Forest Park; Zibai Mountain Tourist Route: From Hanzhong → Liuba → Zhangliang Temple → Zibai Mountain.

Preferential policy

1. All Huahaiguan attractions in Hanzhong City are free of charge. Tickets are exempted from cherry garden, orange garden, pear garden, mountain garden, tea garden and ancient Hantai.

Second, the opening ceremony for three days (March 24-March 26), the staff holding the Cauliflower Festival VIP card, guest card, and press card will be exempted from admission to all attractions in Hanzhong;

3. From March 20th to April 15th, the FIT will offer a 20% discount on tickets for major tourist attractions in Hanzhong City, and the tour group will offer a 30% discount on tickets.

4. The maximum price of Hanzhong Star Hotel during the festival will not exceed 70% of the average price of the Hanzhong Price Bureau. The discount will be given to the team organized by the travel agency, which is negotiated by the travel agency and the hotel. At the same time, star hotels and travel agencies will be executed at the agreed price during the festival, and the price will remain unchanged.

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