The waterfall welcomes guests to the five vents

The 13th Zhuji Wuxuanguan Waterfall Festival in 2011 held a grand opening ceremony at the Wuxie Scenic Area at 9 am on April 23. The waterfall festival lasted from April 23 to May 22 and lasted for one month. thirteenth...

The 13th Zhuji Wuxuanguan Waterfall Festival in 2011 held a grand opening ceremony at the Wuxie Scenic Area at 9 am on April 23. The waterfall festival lasted from April 23 to May 22 and lasted for one month. The 13th Waterfall Festival was jointly sponsored by China Association of Scenic Spots, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau, Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Organizing Committee Office and Zhuji Municipal People's Government; Zhuji City Scenic Tourism Administration and Shanghai Chunqiu International Travel Agency; Shaoxing Co-organized by the Tourism Commission, Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center, Hangzhou Tourism Distribution Center, Zhuji Donghe and Shiliping Organic Tea Ecological Park.

Chen Tao's "Five Leaks and Mountains"

This year's "View Waterfall Festival" leads the trend of culture, ecology and leisure. It invites many famous waterfall spots at home and abroad such as Huangguoshu Waterfall and Hukou Waterfall to participate in the forum to promote the concept of waterfall leisure sightseeing and accelerate the waterfall scenic spot from the original tourist sightseeing. The transformation of leisure and holiday will enhance the cultural connotation and brand image of the waterfall scenic area nationwide. The Organizing Committee of the “Viewing Waterfall Festival” invited more than 100 media to make relevant publicity reports.

Jin Sui, "The Fifth Leakage of the Dragon"

During the festival, a series of tourism, sightseeing and eco-cultural exchange activities will be held.

At the 9:00 am on April 23, the renovation of the five-pass entrance plaza was completed, marking a total investment of more than 70 million yuan. The landscape reconstruction of the entrance area with a total land area of ​​33 hectares was completed and officially put into use. At the same time, the “Xishi Shi Cup” visitors’ favorite 10th Waterfall Scenic Area Awarding Ceremony, the 2011 China Waterfall Tourism Culture Summit Forum, and the China Waterfall Tourism Resources Photo Exhibition, which continued until May 10th, were launched. These activities show people the unique beauty of the well-known waterfalls in China. They also communicate with experts and scholars through waterfall scenic spots, and develop the country for the tourism development, seasonal tourism problems, standardized development and sustainable development of the waterfall scenic spots. The grade waterfall brand offers advice and suggestions.

Miki Photography Commune

In addition, the Pre-Picture Festival Prelude "Beauty in Dongbai Lake" Photo Contest, "Zhejiang People Tour Zhejiang" Xi Shi Hometown Wuxie Beauty Tour Self-driving Tour, Xishi Hometown Boutique Culture Exhibition Month and 2011 Dongbai Lake Cycling Conference and 100 People Activities such as Changqi Dongbai Lake were also held simultaneously. Through these activities, Zhuji’s natural, historical, cultural and other artistic resources were fully displayed. While displaying the rich and colorful eco-tourism resources of Zhuji, it further aroused the concept of green, healthy, low-carbon and environmental protection. Cultivate green civilization, eco-environmental awareness and sustainable development awareness, and promote the development of tourism.

Bian Juguang, "Happy Family is Playing in the Water"

According to relevant sources, the current festival is higher than the previous year. For the first time, it was organized in cooperation with the China Association of Scenic Spots, the Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Zhuji Municipal Government. The activities are rich and colorful, and closely related to green, healthy, low-carbon and environmental protection concepts. Therefore, it has received high attention and intensiveness from more than 100 media in the country. The report effectively promoted tourism in Zhuji and even Zhejiang.

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