Police summed up "12 operations" for telecom fraud to remind people to take precautions

Police summed up "12 operations" for telecom fraud to remind people to take precautions Not long ago, Ms. Wang, who lives in Daxing, suddenly received a phone call and learned that her son was “kidnapped” and had to allocate a ransom of 1 million yuan to the designated bank account. Otherwise, the other party “tried.” Ms. Wang rushed to the bank with her bank card. After the bank staff noticed, call 110 immediately.

The police rushed to the scene to understand the situation and decisively stopped Ms. Wang’s transfer behavior. One million yuan did not turn out. Ms. Wang immediately called her son and learned that her son was working in the unit. “Kidnapping” was purely non-existent.

According to reports, this is the largest amount of money involved in the recent interception of telecommunications fraud cases by Daxing Public Security Bureau. From late April to the present, Daxing Branch has successfully intercepted 10 telecommunication fraud cases, accounting for nearly 50% of the number of crimes, and saved the economic losses of 2.63 million yuan for the owners.

According to analysis by the police, the victims of telecommunications fraud cases are mainly middle-aged and elderly people, and women are predominant. The police in Daxing summed up the 12 kinds of fraudulent tricks and reminded people to take precautions.

Here, the police prompts the general public to raise their awareness of prevention. They don’t blindly listen to blind calls when they receive phone calls, text messages, and online news about winnings, money management, and family injuries, and then verify the news and do appropriate processing. In particular, they receive Don't believe in bank transfer, remittance calls, or text messages. At the same time, the police reminded middle-aged and elderly people at home that they should keep good information on family and individuals, and should not reveal bank accounts, home addresses, etc. to strangers. Do not rush to make decisions when they do not understand something. You must contact your family first. , communicate and prevent fraud.

1, the court summons <br> <br> under the guise of the court, the public telephone notification to appear in court. Such fraudulent calls generally call the party’s home or the company’s landline and require the party receiving the call to obtain a court summons. The contents of the telephone are broadcasted by a telephone recording and the party is instructed to press the telephone key to enter the next level of content. After entering the next level, the staff posing as courts first intimidated the victim on the grounds that the case was involved. Finally, on the ground of providing a “notarized account”, the party was required to transfer the deposits under his name to the fraud account he provided.

2, car tax
<br> <br> national staff posing as taxation, so that you provide bank card, transfer through a bank ATM machine to obtain tax. When you are ready to use bank ATM machines, self-service banking criminals, said the tax rebate system only supports English interface, letting you criminals telephone prompts, and then took the opportunity to draw away your money.

3. "Guess who I am"

To dial your phone, so you "Guess who I am", the parties would guess the identity of the other acquaintances, the criminals take advantage of this time agreed, adding that the recent visit to come to the party. The next day, she lied and said that she came to visit the person on the way to a car accident, or smashed the drug and was caught. He borrowed money from the victim and asked the party to send money to the designated account.

4. SMS direct remittance “Please remit the money directly to the XXX bank account....” Criminals often send large numbers of such text messages, hit the Universiade, and defraud one of them.

5, unsecured loans <br> <br> via SMS or newspapers, websites publish information if you contact them, they will claim that the loan must pay a deposit or part of the interest, and ask yourself apply for a bank card, first A certain amount of money is applied to the “Enterprise Capital Verification Fund” account to prove the company’s repayment ability, and then the telephone inquiry function is opened for inquiry. In fact, criminals used the initial password of the new bank card to transfer the money away.

6, Pirates of the QQ posing as an acquaintance <br> <br> usually impostor, to borrow money from the victim's QQ friends. You need special care are some of posing as an acquaintance of network video fraud, criminals steal by way of the image, use the "video" chat with you, you do not be fooled.

7, false winning <br> <br> by way of e-mail, network, random send false winning information (scratch cards) to you, when you dial a phone number, someone will do everything possible to persuade you to pay the "fee, security deposit, Taxes, etc.

8, "Enrollment" service "computer predicts lottery winning numbers, recommended on behalf of the stock to ensure profitability, do not earn no charge." Criminals use your speculative psychology, rhetoric advise you to "enter", took the opportunity to collect membership fees, service fees, etc. .

9, phishing sites <br> <br> placed in the shopping site beautiful pictures of goods, low-cost sales, set aside the link icon of the major banks and other financial institutions, when you click on it with these institutions into exactly the same fake On the webpage, your online banking account number and password are stolen and it is your money that is stolen.

10, intimidation and extortion "I am a triad, under the care of others, to a certain part of your body, in order to eliminate disasters, collect money to ..." criminals randomly dial your phone, intimidating you to avoid disaster.

11, make up the accident <br> <br> call relatives and friends lied to your child being kidnapped or out by accident, sudden illness, etc., ask you to send money. Many parents often eagerly save the money and, without verification, send it back to the bank account designated by the suspect.

12, Internet and telephone dating <br> <br> use the Internet and newspapers published favorable conditions dating personal information to attract the victim, network and telephone communication, the sweet deceive the victim fooled.

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