Yunnan beauty salon industry leverages standardization and development

A few days ago, the Yunnan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau went to the beauty industry association of the province to conduct research and held discussions with some famous beauty companies in the province to discuss how the local beauty salon industry standardized using standardized means under the opportunity of the “bridgehead” construction and development. Management, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, in order to eventually achieve the industry's scale and chain management related issues.

The Bureau of Quality Supervision of Yunnan Province explained to beauty salons the relevant knowledge of standardization, the concept of standardization management, and the ideas and methods for the formulation of local standards for the “Beauty salons and makeup industry norms”, and raised hopes for the next standardization of the beauty salon industry in the province. And requirements.

The president of the Yunnan Beauty Industry Association stated that the association will complete the formulation of local standards for the "Beauty salons and makeup industry norms" on time according to the opinions and requirements of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision. The association stated that with the development of the “Beauty Hairdressing and Makeup Industry Code” local standard as an opportunity, it will actively promote the concept and thinking of standardization management in the entire industry, strengthen the internal management of the whole industry, seize the opportunity of “bridgehead” construction, and bring the local beauty salon industry Bigger and stronger.

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