Three days and two stops, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail can not help but wind?

At 11 o'clock on the 12th, after the train was shut down in the Jinan section on July 10, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway D182 times again suffered a breakdown, causing some trains to be delayed, which means that it was just opened within 3 days. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail that has been in operation for 12 days has experienced two power failures.


At 15 o'clock on the afternoon of the 12th, many passengers were stranded in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway Anhui Weinan Station.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway reproduces power failure

The power outage accident once again caused the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to stop. The reporter was informed that at 11 o'clock on the 12th, the D182 train broke out in the interval between the city and the city, and then stopped twice in an hour. This train accident has implicated the suspension of trains on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed trains. The trains involved were G2 times. The trains were stranded in Suzhou, Anhui Province; G105 times, staying in Zaozhuang, Shandong; G212 times, staying in Anhui.

Regarding the reason for the train outage, the Ministry of Railways said that the suspension of the Suzhou section was caused by the failure of the power supply equipment. After the repair, the fault was processed at 13 o'clock yesterday.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has been shut down due to a power outage. Just three days ago, on the afternoon of July 10, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway had a power outage due to a faulty network contact between the Qufu East and the Tengzhou East to Zaozhuang. The power outage caused 19 trains to stop. According to the railway, the thunderstorms in Shandong Province caused the train to malfunction.

Electrical system needs technical support

"From the reasons of the two accidents, the power outage is the main reason for the suspension of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail. Therefore, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway should strengthen technical support in this regard." Li Xuerong, a senior researcher at China Investment Consulting, said.

Li Xuerong believes that in the construction of high-speed rail projects, electrification investment accounts for a large proportion of high-speed rail investment, this part of the investment will account for about 20%-25% of the total investment of high-speed rail, and electrification technology plays a key role in maintaining high-speed rail safety operations. Important role.

However, Li Xuerong also reminded that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is still in the initial stage of opening, and the experience of emergency and risk prevention is not sufficient. In order to protect passenger safety, any problems in the operation process may cause the railway operation department to stop the operation. Overhaul.

"On the other hand, this type of maintenance will help the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to accumulate operational experience and provide more protection for the operation of the high-speed rail," she said.

The compensation for stranded passengers is still inconclusive

It is worth mentioning that although the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has caused passengers to be stranded after the suspension, the railway has not yet given an accurate explanation on how to compensate the losses caused by the stranded passengers.

"Because the technical failure caused the train to be late, causing losses to the passengers, how to compensate the passengers, there is no corresponding regulation in China, and there is a gap in supervision." Li Xuerong believes that the compensation standard is not easy to introduce because the standard of how to define the passenger loss still exists. problem.

However, Li Xuerong suggested that with the opening and operation of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, various service supporting measures need to be properly established. If the train is out of service due to technical failure, passengers should first enjoy the right to refund.

In this regard, the Ministry of Railways said that after the passenger purchases the ticket, the temporary contract is signed with the corresponding operating unit, and the passenger can negotiate compensation with the relevant operating unit. (Beijing Business Daily)

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