Pushing out new hot spring resorts to cope with the odd season

Qingyuan Hot Springs deals with off-season promotions.

Into the summer, a warm spring water is prohibitive, and fewer and fewer guests visit the hot spring area, which means that the offspring season has officially arrived. In order to reverse the predicament, various hot spring companies are facing all the pressures in their own ways.

low price promotion

Look carefully and you will find that from May onwards, some hot spring resorts have released news: hot spring ticket discounts, house price discounts... directly telling consumers that the off-season is coming, and the hot spring area needs to be “big sale”! Such as a hot spring launched two days free to live and play all-inclusive, 199 yuan / person also sent eight major leisure and entertainment projects in May special offer limited edition rush activities, successfully attracted everyone onlookers.

Introduce new ideas

New products for summer launch new hot spring products, new health programs and more for the summer season. The new hot spring products are similar to the water park products, and the focus is no longer on the efficacy of hot springs, but rather the pursuit of cool and stimulating. New health projects are new and have become exclusive in the summer after repackaging.

Since last year, the hot spring industry in Qingyuan City has resisted the panic in the summer off-season. Spa companies have promoted “night bubble” health, extended water entertainment, and activated summer spa marketing. In order to let the visitors feel cool, the hot spring resort has introduced cold spring area, adding special additives such as ice fruit and mint in multiple bubble pools. The pool area provides free cold drinks with special characteristics, including cold fog, ice springs, children's world and forest slides. Road and other new facilities, the implementation of hot springs, heat and heat in one fell swoop. In the amusement project, the project of water bicycles, jet skis, water sports, volleyball, surfing, high-altitude slides, children's amusement parks, summer vacations and parent-child trips are launched, so that one can enjoy the cool summer and leisure one summer. According to experts from TCM health experts, there are many benefits to the hot springs in the summer and it is a very good way to relax and keep fit with the summertime personalized diet. Warm spring water can make the tired body fully relaxed. Usually the lack of exercise, perspiration, and the small number of office workers through the hot spring can play a role in physical fitness. It is worth noting that the high temperature in summer and the time for hot springs cannot be too long. If you feel that the daytime is too hot, you can choose a breezy night bubbling, which is both comfortable and pleasant.

Event Marketing

In the form of theme activities, products and services are packaged, and some elements that are more liked by consumers are incorporated on the basis of the original functions to dilute the warm feeling of hot springs, enhance the sense of activity and freshness of the activities, and increase the value of the original products indefinitely. Promote sales. For example, this summer, the first wave of the Spring Festival Cerbera, the introduction of the world's leading equipment, according to international standards for investment in the construction and configuration of safety lifeguards, there is also a view of the pool, rest pavilion, ice sea and silver beach, especially for the whole family to experience . The 3m tsunami surfing show will be conducted in the form of “tide watching”. Before the performance, the venue must be cleared. Visitors can only watch on the shore and will open 2-4 games each day. During the rest of the business hours, the tsunami surfing pool will have 1 - From 2 meters high to mid-wave opening, the majority of tourists can personally invest in the tsunami surfing pool to “catch a big wave” to chase tides, beat tides, tide by tide, get tides, play tricks, and enjoy the rich, glacier style of the forest in summer. During the wave of tide watching, tourists can also join in the water rafting with the Sinbola people to appreciate their special performances, folk performances and so on.

In addition, the hot spring resorts have combined with traditional festivals or geographical advantages to launch feature-rich series of activities, which have brought different vitality to the off-season.

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