Jianghai direct transport boosts Wuhu to build regional logistics center

Wuhu, which is known as the water transport city of the Yangtze River, has recently heard good news. The maintenance depth of the channel between the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River from the Wuhu to the Nanjing section has been raised to 10.5 meters. The 30,000-tonne seagoing vessel can directly reach Wuhu Port. This not only further enhances Wuhu’s With the advantages of the Yangtze River’s inland river port, Penghu will also take advantage of the sights to reach the Jianghai direct transportation.

The logistics center city will inevitably require multiple modes of transportation to coexist. The expressway and the planned and constructed high-speed railway will form double crosses in the city, which will undoubtedly enhance the status of Wuhu's transportation hub city. With the promotion of projects such as the Shenshen Canal, the advantages of cross-border water transportation will surface soon. As the core city for the industrial transfer demonstration zone in the Lancang River City Belt Zone, Wuhu is focusing on creating a regional center city, especially as a logistics center where various transportation modes coexist, and the convenient transportation mode of Jianghai direct transportation is worth giving priority to development.

The key to achieving direct shipping in the sea and the sea is to meet the fairway traffic conditions. It is understood that the full-load draught of 5,000-ton inlets is generally 6.5 to 7.1 meters, and the 10,000-ton full-load draught is generally 7.8 to 9 meters. The Yangtze River Waterway Department increased the maintenance depth of the channel from Nanjing to Wuhu, undoubtedly opened up the bottleneck of navigation conditions, and enabled Wuhu Port to meet the capacity of 30,000 tons of seagoing vessels.

With the economic development in the Lancang River region, the transportation of bulk cargoes such as coal, petroleum, ore, and building materials has increased significantly. The demand for direct shipping by Jianghai in Wuhu has become even more urgent. Wuhu Customs statistics show that in the first half of this year, the total import and export value of Wuhu City was 1.784 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 62.5% year-on-year. The strong export-oriented economic growth has brought about sustained and rapid growth of foreign trade goods and container transportation. The transportation vessels in Wuhu City have been developing in a direction of large scale, and the density of ships entering the river has continuously increased and the routes have continued to expand. Wan Dabin, deputy chief engineer of the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau, said that water transport along the river will be transformed from transit transportation to Jianghai Direct, in order to improve the operational efficiency of the ship, reduce transit links, shorten the logistics cycle, promote the prosperity and development of the water transport market, and then adjust the industrial structure along the Yangtze River. With the layout, port construction and upgrading play a guiding role. The maintenance of the water depth of the navigation channel between Wuhu and Nanjing will further boost the status of the Wuhu logistics center in the region.

"Reducing halfway operations will save at least 10 yuan per ton of freight." Chen Zongping, deputy general manager of Changhang Phoenix Lake Co., told reporters that with the increase in the depth of waterway maintenance, the economic benefits of water transportation companies will be significant, not only saving transit costs. Energy savings can also be achieved, and preliminary estimates of 13.75% fuel savings per ton of navigation in deepwater channels. The company has targeted the direct shipment business of Jianghai, and strives to increase the transportation capacity by more than 1 million tons during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, and increase the allocation of large-scale ships to seize the shipping market and optimize the shipping market.

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