Zoucheng Documentary Development of Modern Service Industry

In recent years, Zoucheng has given full play to its advantages in terms of resources, market potential, and development base. It has taken the acceleration of the development of modern service industry as an important measure to transfer the structure and structure, through key project construction, key enterprise cultivation, key regional development, and key industries. Expansion, promote the service industry to upgrade, across the development. During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the city's service industry accounted for the proportion of tertiary production increased by 8.87 percentage points, and the proportion of GDP increased to 31.98%. The modern service industry is becoming the "green engine" of Zoucheng's economic transfer. Strengthen the business services industry In the recent interview with Qianquan Street, the author learned that: In the first half of this year, the local fiscal revenue of the street broke the threshold of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 126%. Talking about such speed, Zhang Hong, secretary of the party's working committee of Qianquan Street, broke down the “stranger”: “The advantage of Qianquan is in commerce and trade, and the focus of transfer is also on commerce. For a long time we have always taken the construction of “Qianquanquanquan” as the main attack direction. The business and trade service industry in the fiscal revenue system is one of the best and the contribution rate exceeds 70%."

Thousands of Quanquan street business service industry's triumphant progress is only a microcosm of Zoucheng's booming traditional service industry. In recent years, the city has optimized the traditional service industry structure and upgraded the traditional service industry as the focal point for the prosperity of the service industry. It has formulated the opinions on accelerating the development of the commerce and trade service industry, and has devoted great efforts to creating a gathering area for business services. In the old city area, there are many developments, contiguous developments, and a large number of large-scale commercial and business groups and chain companies have rapidly emerged such as department stores, Guihe Shopping Mall, Wanjiale Supermarket, Dongfang Shopping Center, and Yifeng Shopping Plaza. The clustering function and radiation function have gradually increased. In the Dongcheng New District, it is planned to build a central business district integrating finance, business, culture, service, business office, hotels, apartments, etc. The construction of cultural centers, sports centers, five-star hotels, and Ginza Mall will be rapidly promoted. The carrier platform for the development of the service industry is increasingly perfect. At the same time, the business services industry has continued to increase investment, focusing on the introduction of large retail enterprises such as Ginza and Wal-Mart. This will increase the scale and grade of the business services industry. At present, the city has built 89 large-scale commercial and trade markets, forming a diversified and multi-level business network featuring large shopping malls, featuring supermarkets, specialty shops, convenience stores, and warehouse-type shopping malls. The new heights of the business economy. Prosperous Modern Logistics Shandong Jinpeng Food is a large-scale meat food processing company. To enhance its market competitiveness, it invested nearly RMB 100 million to establish a large-scale food cold chain logistics distribution center. The total cold storage area is 10,000 square meters, and the total storage capacity is more than 10,000 tons. The annual turnover of 100,000 tons of frozen products, the output value of 2 billion yuan, has been the largest in southwestern Shandong million tons of cold chain logistics base.

Today in Zoucheng, large logistics companies like Jinpeng Foods are numerous. In recent years, Zoucheng City has relied on unique regional advantages and industrial advantages to accelerate the development of modern logistics, and strive to build a regional logistics center. We will vigorously develop regional wholesale markets, expand and strengthen Qianquan Decoration City, Yiwu Trade City, and the North China Steel Electronic Trading Center to further expand the market size of building materials, small commodities, steel products, and enhance the power of radiation. Relying on the “Golden Waterway” of the Baima River and the special railway of the Yankuang Railway, taking the construction of Sime Darby Port and Rongxin Port as breakthroughs, it will integrate existing ports, docks and transportation vehicles, upgrade and reconstruct the navigation channel, and accelerate the construction of the port logistics park. Actively promote the construction of transportation and logistics parks, and guide the development of existing logistics enterprises, such as Helu Minerals Logistics and Rongxin Logistics, in the direction of socialization, specialization, scale, and intensification, and focus on cultivating a number of highly competitive markets and high levels of technical equipment. Backbone logistics company. We will do a good job in cold-chain logistics, vigorously cultivate cold-chain logistics companies such as Xinlu, Kingshuwang and Xinjinpeng, promote the rapid development of agricultural and sideline products processing industries such as livestock products and fruit and vegetable processing, and comprehensively upgrade the level and connotation of modern service industries. Break through the cultural tourism in the summer, a burst of reading sounded from the Xifu Museum in Mengfu. 260 students from the middle school of Nanjing Normal University were studying here to read the classic articles of the Chinese classics such as Mencius and the Book of Filial Piety. Tour activities. "Mengzi's Hometown Learning Tour" is another brand new tourism brand after the city's leisure travel and mother culture tour, which opened a new chapter in Zoucheng's cultural tourism.

The city always regards cultural tourism as a pioneering industry for the development of modern services and aims to create the country's best tourist destination. It invites well-known planning teams at home and abroad, carefully organizes cultural tourism activities, and strives to create distinctive tourism brands. In order to carry forward the Confucian culture of Mencius and the mother-child education culture, the 5th China Mother Culture Festival was successfully held. The “Hometown of Mencius - The Capital of Study” and the “Hometown of Mother-Teaching” tourism brands were launched. Active development of Shaoshan and Shiba Forest Farms. Natural scenic spots such as Lushan Mountain and Fenghuang Mountain are planned to launch natural ecotourism routes such as "Spring Outing Leisure Tour", "Countryside Leisure Food Tour", and "Classic Landscape Scenery Tour" to create an ecological, recreational, and leisure environment. Entertainment, farm food as one of the "farmhouse" travel brand. Accelerate the development of the “Two Meng” cultural district, the Inle River area, the Chinese mother cultural gathering area, and the “Mengfu Renjia” featured area, and strive to build a national mother culture demonstration area and classic tourism products to form the “Hometown of Mencius - Vacations” "Paradise" pattern of tourism, cultural tourism has become a new economic growth point to stimulate the development of the service industry.

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