The First Business: Talking about the Success of the B2B Platform

1. Big Company Rules Once a company becomes bigger and reaches a certain level and scale, it often ignores small companies. The dependence and yearning of small companies for large companies far exceeds the needs of large companies for small companies. Suppose a small company establishes an online market, and large companies such as Ford and GM come to the online market to trade with their suppliers. If this is the case, the small company can still profit from it and even make a fortune. But big companies are not stupid, and they do not want to suffer from others. From the perspective of cost savings, cost reduction, and conservative commercial interest in the interest community, large companies often establish their own B2B by collaborating with leading solution providers such as Ariba or Commerceone (which is also a large company) and obtaining corresponding software licenses. website. The so-called "fat water does not flow outside the field", the small company's B2B site can only stand sideways.

The fact is also true that the electronic market for B2B e-commerce development within the industry or between large companies and their suppliers is in full swing and in full swing. According to the development of this trend, if a small company can't touch the light of a big company, there is only one outcome: struggle and disappear.

Although the "new economy" environment has increasingly detailed social division of labor, large-scale expansion and interests drive the rejection of new things (such as small B2B websites) as intermediaries for intra-industry or inter-company operations or transactions, that is, networks leading to non-intermediate Change.

2. Trading Rules The success of e-commerce B2B depends on the creation and maturity of the real market, rather than how many transactions are completed. The difference between the market and the transaction is that the significance of the transaction is that the buyer and the seller establish a connection through a certain channel, then bargain and finally deal; and the concept of the market is to meet the buyer's demand, and it is no matter when and where.

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