Domestic phosphate fertilizer prices continue to rise, yellow phosphorus appears in short supply

This week's larger increase in products: naphtha 5.8%; liquid ammonia 4.5%; high sulfur fuel oil 180 # 3.7%; Dubai crude oil 3.1%; propylene 3.0%.

The products that have fallen sharply this week: hydrochloric acid - 12.5%; acetic acid - 5.4%; coal tar - 4.6%; adipic acid - 4.1%; Henry Hub natural gas - 4.1%.

Domestic phosphate fertilizer prices began to rise. This week, the prices of 64% DAP in the Yangtze River Delta and 55% DAP in Central China rose by 1.5% and 2.3% respectively. The main reason for the increase in domestic phosphate fertilizer prices is due to:

(1): The recent provincial phosphate rock policy continues to tighten, coupled with the recently released "Chemical Industry Mining "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposal to increase the access threshold for phosphate ore mining, phosphate rock prices continue to rise;

(2): The international price of phosphate fertilizer remains high. At present, FOB prices for China's 64% DAP and 55% monoammonium phosphate are US$660/tonne and US$690/tonne, respectively. Exports of enterprises are still profitable, driving domestic exports to a good level. ;

(3): The demand for domestic compound fertiliser preparation fertilizer starts.

Due to the recent plan of India to subsidize nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers into nutrient subsidy programs, the international phosphate fertilizer price increase will be expected. The international phosphate fertilizer prices are expected to continue to improve and continue to drive domestic exports of phosphate fertilizers, coupled with the increase in phosphate ore prices and the demand for compound fertilizers and fertilizers. It is expected that the price of phosphate fertilizer will continue to increase.

The price of nitric acid continues to rise. This week, 98% of the Yangtze River Delta's price of nitric acid continued to rise by 2.2% to 2,350 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 23.7% since mid-July. This is mainly due to the recent nitric acid production enterprises to produce higher levels of ammonium nitrate and urea profit, intensified the nitric acid supply shortage situation, while the sharp rise in ammonia prices also contributed to the rise in the price of nitric acid.

The reporter expects that the profitability of ammonium nitrate and urea will improve, and the tight supply of nitric acid will continue to maintain. In addition, the high cost will jointly promote the continuous rise in the price of nitric acid.

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