USD/*** midday still steady, psychological support at 6.3800

The US dollar/renminbi remained stable at midday on Tuesday (August 30) and is now at 6.3811. It was quoted at 6.38010 late on Monday and has so far fluctuate within a narrow range of 18 basis points.

A Asian banker in Shanghai expects the psychological support of USD/CNY at 6.3800. He said that the renminbi will appreciate slowly; it appears that the regulator is testing a series of monetary policy tools to curb inflation. At the beginning of the month, it made the renminbi exchange rate more flexible. At present, it requires banks to include more types of deposits in the reserve payment scope. Take more flexible deposit reserve measures.

On Tuesday, the People's Bank of China set the midpoint of the US dollar/renminbi to a new low of 6.3849 after the exchange rate reform, and it was set at 6.3883 on Monday.

On the offshore market, 1-year US dollar/renminbi non-deliverables fell to 6.2790/6.2840 in the long-term and were reported at 6.2805/6.2900 late on Monday. The offshore market dollar/renminbi fixing price was 6.3610, and the Hong Kong market was 6.3663 late Monday.

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