How can the "urban beautician" become a high-risk industry?

Yesterday afternoon, Shaoxing County held a meeting on traffic safety of sanitation systems and construction sites. The information revealed at the meeting was surprising: In the first half of this year, there were more than 10 traffic accidents involving sanitation workers in the district of Keqiao, causing 4 people. One serious person was killed. These figures, which have been greatly increased compared to the past, indicate that cleaners known as “city cosmetologists” have become a high-risk industry.

The frequency of traffic accidents increased, and the “city cosmetologist” became a high-risk occupation in the traffic accident record of the Shaoxing County Traffic Police Brigade. The reporter saw many cases of sanitation workers being hit and killed.

On May 12 this year, Hemou drove a Toyota-branded sedan and headed from the Kexi Industrial Park in Shaoxing County to the north eight district of Keqiaohu East Road. At around 7:30, Hemou's car passed through Shuangmei Bridge of Quxian Road and collided with the sanitation worker Lee who was sweeping the mud. As a result, Lee was injured and died after being rescued by the hospital.

At 8 o'clock on the morning of June 5th, Yu, a 68-year-old sanitation worker at Keyan Street in Shaoxing County, was injured by a car while cleaning the road and died after being rescued by the hospital. On the fifth day after Yu’s death, another sanitation worker at Keqiao was hit by a crash while cleaning the road.

According to statistics, in the past two years, there have been more than 20 traffic accidents caused by car crashes and deaths while cleaning roads at Keqiao sanitation workers (including construction site employees), and more than 10 people have died. In the first half of this year alone, there were more than 10 traffic accidents involving sanitation workers, which resulted in four deaths and one serious injury. And two years ago, these figures were less than half of what they are today.

Rubbish in the speeding of the car, no reflection vest, is a big problem in accidents, one after another. What are the reasons?

According to traffic police investigations, in addition to some objective factors, sanitation workers have frequent accidents. The main reason is that some people have littered with their hands, the units are not in place to prevent equipment, and some cleaners do not have a strong sense of safety.

The traffic police told the reporter that the traffic flow and traffic volume of the bustling road section are the key points for cleaners in sanitation workers. Some low-quality people often throw garbage out of the moving car, and the scum thrown by mud dump trucks falls on the fast track. Sanitation workers must walk through the traffic and pick up the garbage, which undoubtedly increases the risk of being hit.

Another serious problem is that many sanitation workers do not like to wear reflective vests. The reporter observed yesterday at Keqiao Mirror Waterway that one-third of the cleaners on the road side did not wear reflective vests. They would rather put their vests on their hats, place them at home, and throw them on garbage sweepers. Bound."

The traffic police said that many of the sanitation workers who had been killed in the collision had not wore reflective vests. Even wearing reflective vests had problems with poor visibility.

It is important to unite the reflective vests. The fast lane may wish to implement sweeps. So, how do you stop the cleaners from being affected by the accident?

The reporter learned at yesterday’s meeting that the Jianggan District in Hangzhou has a lot of lessons. There are more than 2,000 cleaners in the area. Only one or two cleaners die each year due to a car accident. This year's figure is zero.

According to a person in charge of a cleaning company in the district, their cleaners use a unified sweeper, uniform dress, fast-track machine sweeps, and two people working at the same time when cleaning the more difficult garbage. "Of course, not driving in the opposite direction and not crossing the road is also a basic requirement for sanitation workers."

The traffic police told the reporter that in Keqiao, Shaoxing County, there were a total of nearly 800 sanitation workers in the four Procter & Gamble companies. Obviously, there was no place in Hangzhou Jianggan District in these areas.

The traffic police department reminded that in addition to drawing lessons from Jianggan District, the labor department should also provide regular education on traffic regulations to the cleaners, so that they can firmly establish the concept of traffic safety and self-protection; the roads should be cleaned and the reflective signs should be bright and reflective. The reflective vest should be renewed every two years and wear red caps. When sweeping the road, it is best to avoid traffic peaks.

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