Outdoor advertising will have new regulations

In order to strengthen outdoor advertising management and standardize outdoor advertising activities, the city intends to revise the current "Chongqing Outdoor Advertisement Management Regulations." Yesterday, the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government publicly solicited comments and suggestions on this issue, and asked the community and the general public to actively make suggestions and suggestions.

According to the ordinance, advertisements for funeral services, funeral supplies, and sex supplies are not allowed to be published on the main roads in the built-up urban areas of the main city and in the built-up areas of cities where the people's governments of other districts and counties (autonomous counties) are located.

Except for public transport, the advertisement contents issued by enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households using their own vehicles are limited to their names, logos, or merchandise (services).

Publish outdoor advertisements such as medical treatment, medicines, health foods, medical devices, pesticides, and veterinary drugs that should be reviewed in accordance with laws and regulations, and other relevant administrative authorities must review the contents of advertisements before they are issued.

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