Facebook Reveals Future Advertising Marketing Plan

Facebook Reveals Future Advertising Marketing Plan In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Facebook’s advertising director Gokul Rajaram revealed that Facebook will increase advertising revenue in the near future. Facebook now has $400 million in revenue each year through ads on the page. When asked about Facebook’s future advertising development, Gokul Rajaram said: “We hope that in the next few years, almost every advertisement on Facebook will be a social advertisement or Sponsored Stories”. TechCrunch During his visit, Gokul Rajaram also believes that Facebook can attract the attention of 68% of people, and it is easier to remember advertising content than other forms of advertising, and it can increase the purchase probability by 40%.

The Sponsored Stories advertising model allows advertisers to promote brand promotion through word of mouth interaction. For example, if your friend "likes" the brand, then you can see it in their dynamics.

Gokul Rajaram also said: "Facebook ads are based on people who want to discover what their friends are doing recently." Advertising on social networks can enable your friends or acquaintances to share stories about a brand or stories about the brand.

Facebook, which has the world's largest social network map, has a great advantage in social marketing. Compared with traditional advertising marketing, people prefer to obtain brand information from their friends. If Facebook can continue to use social platforms to advertise and increase social advertising platforms, then Facebook’s revenue will grow exponentially.

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Product Name Pine Cat Litter
Item NO. YBW08
Material Tofu
Size Diameter 2mm
Specific gravity 0.5
Dust ≤0.5%
Package Vacuum bag or OEM or Bulk

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Delivery Detail:
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Storage Detail:
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