Seven kinds of monitoring system common fault solution

After a monitoring system is completed, it needs to enter the commissioning stage and commissioning stage before it can be delivered for use. Various failure phenomena may occur, such as common: technical indicators that cannot be operated normally, the system cannot meet the design requirements, and the overall performance and quality are not The ideal, especially for a complex, large-scale monitoring project, is inevitable, it is necessary for us to do the appropriate treatment to solve the problem and ensure the normal operation of the system. Below, please monitor the engineering company --- Beijing Jing Chao Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. technical personnel to detail the common monitoring system troubleshooting solutions.

1. Equipment failure caused by incorrect power supply. Incorrect power supply may be as follows: The power supply line or power supply voltage is incorrect, the power is not enough (or the line diameter of a certain power supply line is not enough, the voltage drop is too large, etc.), the transmission line of the power supply system has a short circuit, open circuit, and instantaneous Pressure and so on. In particular, the device may be damaged due to power supply errors or instantaneous overvoltage. Therefore, in the commissioning of the system, before the power supply, it must be carefully checked and checked carefully and must not be taken lightly.

2. Because there are many links in certain video surveillance equipment, if the handling is not good, especially if the line connected to the equipment is not handled well, there will be circuit breakers, short circuits, poor insulation between the lines, miswiring, etc. resulting in damage to the equipment. , performance drop. In this case, the analysis should be made calmly based on the phenomenon of failure, and it should be determined on which of the lines that the connection is faulty. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the connection of equipment and various lines in this case to meet the requirement of long-term operation.

3, the quality of equipment or components itself, a variety of equipment and components may have quality problems, purely a product of its own quality problems, occurred in the decoder, electric PTZ, transmission components and other equipment. It is worth noting that some equipment may not appear to be unusable due to its overall quality, but some technical indicators do not meet the specifications given in the product specification. Therefore, the necessary sample testing must be performed on the selected product. If it is indeed a product quality problem, the best way is to replace the product and not to dismantle and repair it.

4. In the video transmission, the most common fault phenomenon is that a black bar or white bar appears on the monitor screen, and it may scroll up or down slowly.

Therefore, when analyzing such failure phenomena, two different causes of failures should be distinguished. To distinguish between power supply problems and ground loop problems, a simple method is to connect only one surveillance camera output signal with no power problem to the control host, if the above interference does not occur on the monitor. The phenomenon indicates that the control host has no problem. Next, a portable monitor can be connected nearby to the video output of the front camera and each camera can be checked one by one. If yes, handle it. If not, the interference is caused by ground loops and other causes.

5. The fault caused by the short circuit and open circuit of the video cable's core wire and the shield network is a form of deep and chaotic large-area moire on the monitor, and the image is completely destroyed and the image cannot be formed. And synchronization signals. This happens mostly on BNC connectors or other types of video connectors. That is, when this kind of fault phenomenon occurs, it is not always the signal of each channel of the entire monitoring system that causes problems, but only appears in the number of ways that the connector is not good. As long as you carefully check these joints one by one, you can solve.

6. The image contrast of the monitor is too small. If the phenomenon of light image is not the problem of controlling the host computer and the monitor itself, the transmission distance is too long or the attenuation of the video transmission line is too large. In this case, the line amplification and compensation device should be added.

7. The host computer does not switch the image cleanly. This kind of failure phenomenon is manifested in the screen after the selection, the interference of other pictures, or the interference of the line synchronization signal of other pictures. This is due to the poor quality of the host or matrix switch and the lack of isolation between images. If a radio frequency transmission system is used, it may also be caused by the system's cross-talk modulation and excessive modulation.

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